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  • ...that Catelynn and Tyler are engaged?
  • ...that Jenelle Evans had a new boyfriend called Gary Head?
  • ...that Nicole Fokos and Tyler divorced?
  • ...that Leah Messer's miscarried her third child?
  • ...that Emily Mckenzie's father died?
  • ...that Megan McConnell and Nathan divorced?
  • ...that Jordan Ward gave birth to a second child?
  • ...that Jennifer Del Rio saw her ex-boyfriend on the unseen moments special?
  • ...that Jamie McKay and Ryan got back together?
  • ...that Kayla and Mike are engaged?
  • ...that Kianna's boyfriend, Zak, has been arrested?
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Myranda Trevino-Kennemer (née Trevino) is 17-years-old from San Augustine, Texas. She is pregnant by her boyfriend, Eric Kennemer, and they live together in a guest house on his grandmother's property. Their daughter, Kaylee Michelle Kennemer, is born on September 30, 2011, 8 days early. This episode focuses on Myranda's distrust with her mother, who was an alcoholic and drug addict. 


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