Aliannah Hope Simms
Aliannah Hope Simms
Elkview, West Virginia
Date of Birth
December 16, 2009 (Age 7)
Family Members
Leah Messer (mother)
Corey Simms (father)
Aleeah Simms (twin sister)
Adalynn Calvert (sister)
Remington Simms (Sister)
Miranda Simms(step-mother)
Dawn Spears(maternal grandmother)
Lee Spears (maternal grandfather)
Jeff Simms (paternal grandfather)
Joetta Simms (paternal grandmother)

Aliannah Hope "Alli" Simms is the daughter of Leah Messer-Calvert and Corey Simms and the step-daughter of Jeremy Calvert and Miranda Simms. She has a twin-sister  Aleeah Simms and a younger maternal half-sister Adalynn Calvert.

She was born with a disease called Titin muscular dystrophy, which is a very rare form of the disorder that has only ever been found in adults.

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