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Corey Simms
Corey Tyler Simms
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Leah Messer-Calvert
(2009-2011; ex-wife)
Miranda Simms
(2013-present; wife)
Family Members
Joetta Simms (step-mother)
Jeff Simms (father)
Miranda Simms (wife)
Aleeah Simms (daughter)
Aliannah Simms (daughter)
Remington Simms(Daughter)

Corey Tyler Simms is a country boy from Elkview, West Virginia. He started dating Leah Messer-Calvert in 2009.

Simms had only been dating Calvert (née Messer) for a few months when she discovered she was expecting twins. At six months pregnant, Calvert went into early labour, which was calmed with medication; however, it meant that she had to be on strict bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Two months later on December 16, 2009 Leah gave birth to twins Aliannah Simms and Aleeah Simms.

After the twins' birth, the relationship between Simms and Calvert became strained. Calvert sacrificed everything in her senior year in order to graduate, take care of her twins and work on her relationship with Simms. As a couple they weathered many ups and downs, as documented on the show, from trust issues, to numerous doctor visits with their daughter Ali (Aliannah).

Simms and Calvert separated briefly in early 2010, Calvert was unsure about what she wanted. It is during this period of separation that she began seeing her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd, however the relationship soon ended.

Simms and Calvert decide to revive their relationship and become engaged in 2010. In October 2010, just before the twins’ first birthday the two got married. In April 2011 Messer admits to infidelity. Simms and Calvert divorced in June 2011.

Simms and Calvert became concerned for daughter Ali as they noticed that she was developing slower then her sister Aleeah. After numerous trips to the doctor and after carrying out many test, the two eventually learn that Ali suffers from Titin muscular dystrophy, a very rare form of the disorder that has only ever been found in adults.

In June 2012 Corey met Miranda Patterson. The pair got engaged in December 2012 and were married on June 7th 2013.

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