Ebony Jackson
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Ebony Jackson
June 6, 1991 (1991-06-06) (age 27)
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Josh Rendon (ex-husband)
Family Members
Jocelyn Rendon (daughter)
Jayda Rendon (daughter)
Jaelyn Baldrick (daughter)

Ebony Jackson is a 17-year-old high school senior from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Jackson's plans to join the military and marry her fiancé, Josh Rendon, are halted when she discovers she's pregnant. The couple visit an Air Force recruitment office and are told that because of the child, only one of them will be allowed to join. The two attend senior prom and argue with Rendon's parents over issues of stress, living situations and not preventing Jackson's pregnancy. She gives birth to a girl, Jocelyn Jade Rendon, in April 2009. Shortly after Jocelyn's birth, Jackson struggles to get herself through school, to get the help and support she needs from Rendon and to prepare for his upcoming departure to the Air Force, while he works to find a job to support his family.

Legal Issues

Two years after the taping of this episode, the couple was arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor and Jocelyn was taken into protective care by Children and Family Services.
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Ebony's mug shot