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Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Mom, Author, Cook, Singer
Derek Underwood
(2008; deceased)
Family Members
Sophia Abraham (daughter)
Debra Danielson (mother)
Michael (father)
Ashley Abraham (sister)
Unnamed grandfather
Unnamed grandmother

Farrah Abraham was a cheerleader, an aspiring model and cook from Council Bluffs, Iowa, when she discovered she pregnant at 16. Abraham decided to leave school and continue her schooling in the community college. It was stated by Abraham that she was refused an abortion by her mother - as it was against her mothers beliefs.

Abraham received a series of threatening text messages from her ex-boyfriend Derek Underwood. Due to this Abraham decided not to inform Underwood of the pregnancy. It was revealed on the show, that Underwood died in a car accident on December 28th 2008. Two months before the birth of his and Abraham's child. In February 2009, Abraham gave birth to Sophia Laurent Abraham.

Throughout the show, the relationship between Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielson, becomes extremely strained. In January 2010, Danielson was charged with assault in an Iowa court, after a 'Physical argument' with Abraham. In the aftermath of this assault, Abraham and her daughter left Danielson's home and moved into an apartment. Abraham attended therapy to work on her relationship with her family. She also discussed her emotions regarding the death of her ex-boyfriend and Sophia's father Derek Underwood.

It is revealed on the show that Underwood's family were unsure about the paternity of Sophia. Abraham took a paternity test, this test states that Underwood is indeed Sophia's father. In the aftermath of receiving these results, Abraham faced a lawsuit from Underwood's mother. This lawsuit saw Underwood's mother look for 'grandparents visitation rights'.

In 2011 Abraham enrolled and attended 'The institute of Fort Lauderdale with the hopes of graduating with a degree in Culinary arts and management. Abraham launched her own pasta sauce line named 'Mommy and Me', with her mother Debra Danielson and grandmother Carmella Danielson. Abraham left school before completing her degree due to "work reasons".

On August 1st 2012 Abraham released her first studio album titled 'My Teenage Dream Ended'. Abraham's music received harsh criticism as her vocals were heavily auto-tuned. Abraham wrote and released a memoir under the same title (My Teenage Dream Ended) and it was released on August 14 2012. Abraham released a second book in December 2012. The book titled 'Passy Perfume' was aimed towards children. Abraham appeared on YouTube show The Moms View in July 2012 and was interviewed about teenage motherhood. Abraham also appeared in popular Youtuber Shane Dawson's video, where she was interviewed by his alternate personality 'Shananay'. Abraham created her own Youtube account in June 2011 and has 23,720 subscribers respectively.

Abraham was sentenced to six months probation in June 2013 for driving under the influence. Abraham hired Pornographic actor James Deen and produced a sex tape. In April 2013, it was reported that Abraham received 1.5 million dollars from Vivid Entertainment, when she sold the material. The sex tape was titled 'Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom'. Despite stating that the sex tape "Ruined her life", Vivid Entertainment released a second pornographic video titled 'Farrah 2: Backdoor and More' - it is reported she recived 1 million dollars for it. It September 2013 Abraham creates moulds of her breast and private parts for a sex toy line.

In January 2014 Abraham appeared on Season 4 of Couples Therapy. Brian Dawe was due to appear on the show with Abraham, however he stated that Abraham had paid him "to be her on-screen boyfriend'. Dawe did not appear on the show and Abraham was the first person in the shows history to appear on the show alone and not part of couple. Abraham used the time to focus on her relationship with her mother.

Abraham announced in April 2014 that she planned on writing an "erotic romance trilogy". In July 2014 Abraham released her own line of sex toys.

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