Miranda Simms
Miranda Bridget Simms
Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Mason County Deputy Sheriff
Corey Simms
(2013-present; husband)
Family Members
Corey Simms (husband)
Jeff Simms (father-in-law)
Joetta Simms (step mother-in-law)
Aleeah Simms (step-daughter)
Aliannah Simms (step-daughter)
Remington Simms (Daughter)

Miranda Bridget Simms (née Patterson) is a country girl from Point Pleasant, West Virginia. She is the wife of Corey Simms and step-mother to Corey and Leah's twin girls Aleeah Simms and Aliannah Simms She met and started dating Corey Simms in June 2012, that Christmas they were engaged and got married on June 7th 2013. on November 8th 2015 Miranda and Corey welcomed their daughter Remington Simms into the world. Remington wasn't due until January 2016 and was 7-8 weeks early.

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