Season 2
Seasonal Information
No. of Episodes: 12
No. of Specials: 3
Originally Aired: July 20, 2010 –
October 12, 2010
Premiere: "Not Again"
Finale: "See You Later"
Cast: Farrah Abraham
Maci Bookout
Catelynn Lowell
Amber Portwood
Season Chronology
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The second season of Teen Mom began airing on MTV on July 20, 2010 and concluded on October 12, 2010.


Moms and Children



Season Two (2010) Episode Number Date Aired
Not Again - Farrah calls the police on her mother after they fight. Amber faces a pregnancy scare that could prevent her from ever finishing high school. Maci takes her ex, Ryan to court. Catelynn is upset when she has to move out of Tyler's house back to her own unpredictable parents. 1 July 20th 2010
Should I Stay or Should I Go? - Catelynn gets caught telling lies and faces losing Tyler. Gary tells Amber he may leave her for another girl. Farrah juggles college, a new job, moving into her own home as well as looking after Sophia. Maci tries to move into a shared house with her friends but realises having Bentley with her will be a problem. 2 July 27th 2010
Valentine's Day - Maci goes clubbing with her girlfriends and reconnects with an old boyfriend. Amber and Gary's date night is ruined due to a crying baby and unrealistic expectations. Tyler struggles with guilt over Carly's adoption when tries to go out and have fun like a normal teenager. Farrah reveals an emotional secret about her baby's father. 3 August 3rd 2010
Spring Break - Amber and Gary go on vacation but discover there's no such thing as spring break when you have kids. Maci argues with Ryan over his new girlfriend and realises the difficulties of co-parenting after a break up. Farrah's mother is offered a plea bargain for their fight. Catelynn discovers Tyler is still angry about her past lie. 4 August 10th 2010
Secrets & Lies - Catelynn and Tyler's relationship ends up rocky again after another lie is discovered. Gary dresses as an Easter bunny for Leah but another fight with Amber makes her question their engagement. Maci's new boyfriend meets Bentley and Farrah falls victim to a scam. 5 August 17th 2010
Trial and Error - Maci questions whether her new boyfriend, Kyle is ready to date a teen mom. Farrah tries speed dating. Amber works on her GED but realises it's much harder than she thought. Catelynn is made to feel guilty about her decision after being left alone with her own mother. 6 August 31st 2010
Senior Prom - Catelynn's day prom dress shopping is ruined when she argues with her mother. Maci is heartbroken when Ryan takes her to court over custody issues. Farrah gets counselling with her mother. Amber's birthday plans are ruined when Gary refuses to babysit. 7 September 7th 2010
Hello and Goodbye - Amber and Gary's wedding plans are ruined when they argue over parenting tactics. Farrah considers moving back into her mother's house. Catelynn and Tyler celebrate Carly's first birthday by phoning her to say hello. Maci finally tells her parents she's moving away with Bentley. 8 September 14th 2010
Family Bonds - Farrah reaches out to Sophia's dad's family in order to get Social Security Benefits. Maci tells Ryan she's moving to Nashville. Catelynn and Tyler are told Tyler's dad, Butch is back in jail. Gary asks Amber if he can stay with her until he finds his own place to live. 9 September 21st 2010
Lashing Out - Catelynn and Tyler find out they won't finish high school on time. Maci tries to work out a visitation schedule with Ryan. Farrah has an emotional reunion with Sophia's dad's sister for the first time since he died. Amber lashes out at Gary after he calls her a bad mom. 10 September 28th 2010
Too Much, Too Soon - Maci confronts Kyle when she realises her new life in Nashville is not what she expected. Catelynn and Tyler learn they'll be able to visit Carly once a year. Amber breaks up with Gary for good and dates someone new. Farrah learns the results of Sophia's DNA test. 11 October 5th 2010
See You Later - A year after the adoption, Catelynn and Tyler visit Carly. Amber and Gary try to work out visitation with Leah now that they've broken up. Farrah's mom sets her up on a date. Maci and Ryan battle over custody. 12 October 12th 2010
Unseen Moments Season 2 - Unseens clips from episodes not aired during season two. Presented by Dr. Drew. 13 October 12th 2010
Finale Check Up with Dr. Drew - The girls chat about their second year of parenthood with Dr. Drew. 14 October 19th 2010
Baby Talk - A special 30 minute episode specifically focusing on the babies. The girls talk about the other challenging moments met in the season. 15  December 19th 2010