Season 2
Seasonal Information
No. of Episodes: 12
No. of Specials: 6
Originally Aired: December 6, 2011 –
February 14, 2012
Premiere: "Best Laid Plans"
Finale: "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
Cast: Jenelle Evans
Chelsea Houska
Kailyn Lowry
Leah Messer
Season Chronology
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Season Two (2011-2012) Episode Number Date Aired
Best Laid Plans - Jenelle gets back together with Keiffer after bailing him out of jail. Leah feels isolated and decides to get a job. Chelsea struggles to decide whether to give Adam another chance. Kailyn and Jordan take Isaac trick or treating. 1 December 6th 2011
Curveball - Leah is devastated when Ali has to be sedated for her MRI scan. Jenelle begins living in her car with Keiffer. Chelsea gives Adam another chance but re-tears her ACL. Kailyn can't afford to live alone. 2 December 13th 2011
Intensive Care - Kailyn moves out without telling her mom. Jenelle files charges against Keiffer. Chelsea relies on Adam to take care of Aubree whilst she recovers from surgery. Corey and Leah are emotional during Ali's MRI. 3 December 20th 2011
No Looking Back - Ali's MRI results come back negative. Jenelle juggles with making up with her mom and dealing with Keiffer's domestic charges. Kailyn tries a new form of birth control. Chelsea has to fend for herself after surgery. 4 December 27th 2011
Home for Christmas - Kailyn deals with being alone for Christmas. Jenelle regrets filing charges against Keiffer. Leah tries to make the holidays special for the twins. Chelsea and Adam make up but her father bans him from the celebrations. 5 January 3rd 2012
Lean On Me - Ali may have a genetic disorder. Jenelle and Keiffer must face court for their breaking and entering charges. Chelsea finds out her friend is pregnant. Kailyn becomes annoyed with Jo when he's not around for Isaac. 6 January 10th 2012
Breaking Point - Keiffer is upset when Jenelle hangs out with her ex boyfriend. Leah is relieved when Ali has no major genetic disorder. Adam begins acting like his old ways and upsets Chelsea. Kailyn thinks about filing for child support. 7 January 10th 2012
Making Moves - Jenelle moves in with her friend, Tori after fighting with Barbara and Keiffer returns. Chelsea's relationship with Adam turns sour. Ali may still have a genetic problem. Jo confronts Kailyn about child support. 8 January 17th 2012
The Beginning of the End - Jenelle fights with both Keiffer and Tori. Chelsea struggles to deal with Adam dumping her. Leah is angry with Corey when he buys a truck instead of saving money for a house. Jo appeals against Kailyn's child support request. 9 January 24th 2012
Love Comes and Goes - Kailyn's child support hearing is postponed and Jo meets Jordan for the first time. Jenelle is sentenced to probation. Chelsea struggles to get over Adam. Corey finds out that Leah cheated on him two weeks before their wedding. 10 January 31st 2012
Falling - Jenelle goes to rehab. Chelsea works on her GED. Leah files for divorce to protect her custody rights. Jo visits Isaac twice during the week and hooks up with Kailyn, whilst she's in a relationship with Jordan. 11 February 7th 2012
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Corey arranges visitation rights whilst Leah moves her stuff out of the house. Jenelle finds out she may have bipolar disorder whilst in rehab. Chelsea takes her GED test. Kailyn confesses to Jordan that she cheated on him with Jo. 12 February 14th 2012