Season 3
Seasonal Information
No. of Episodes: 12
No. of Specials: 2
Originally Aired: November 12, 2012 –
February 4, 2013
Premiere: "Walk the Line"
Finale: "A Means to an End"
Cast: Jenelle Evans
Chelsea Houska
Kailyn Lowry
Leah Messer
Season Chronology
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Season Three (2012-2013) Episode Number Date Aired
Walk the Line - Leah struggles with her pending divorce. Chelsea begins hanging out with Adam again. Jenelle tries to stay clean on probation. Kailyn realises she wants to be with Jo. 1 November 12th 2012
Keeping Hope Alive - Leah and Corey go to mediation. Chelsea and Adam take a big step forward. Jenelle fails a drugs test. Kailyn tries to reconnect with her estranged mother. 2 November 19th 2012
Things Come to An End - Leah and Corey finalise their divorce. Chelsea's dad, Randy finds out Adam's living with her. Jenelle goes against her lawyer's advice. Kailyn sees a picture of Jo and his new girlfriend online. 3 November 27th 2012
Life Goes On - Leah visits university about a nursing program. Chelsea is invited to a concert to take her mind off Adam. Jenelle pays the price for violating probation. Kailyn takes Jo to court over their custody agreement. 4 December 3rd 2012
Second Chances - Leah meets a new guy, Jeremy. Adam and Chelsea officially break up. Jenelle faces jail time. Kailyn and Jordan start having issues. 5 December 10th 2012
A Leap of Faith - Chelsea's friend convinces her to go to therapy. Leah and Jeremy make their relationship official. Jenelle meets a new guy, Josh. Kailyn hopes there may be a chance for her with Jo instead of Jordan. 6 December 17th 2012
Building Blocks - Chelsea visits a beauty school she wants to attend. Corey has second thoughts about the divorce causing Leah to question her new relationship with Jeremy. Kailyn plans to visit family in Texas. Jenelle moves in with Josh. 7 December 24th 2012
Caught in the Middle - Jenelle and Josh's relationship falls apart due to moving in so fast. Leah tells Jeremy about her confusion over Corey. Chelsea tries to focus on school. Kailyn reconnects with her cousins and half sister in Texas. 8 January 7th 2013
A New Direction - Kailyn discovers her mother, Suzi visited Isaac behind her back. Leah finds a bigger house for the kids and Jeremy. Chelsea's dog goes missing. Jenelle breaks up with Josh. 9 January 14th 2013
Half Empty Half Full - Keiffer crashes back into Jenelle's life. Kailyn meets a new guy named Javi. Chelsea convinces Randy to help her move into her new place. Leah plans a 2nd birthday party for the twins. 10 January 21st 2013
Breakdown - Jenelle questions if her ex, Andrew is really Jace's father. Chelsea breaks down on Adam's birthday. Kailyn is asked on a date. Leah and Jeremy get serious. 11 January 28th 2013
A Means to An End - Kailyn and Jo fight over his new girlfriend. Jenelle goes through with the paternity test. Leah has news for Corey. Chelsea prepares for beauty school. 12 February 4th 2013