Season 4
Seasonal Information
No. of Episodes: 12
No. of Specials: 3
Originally Aired: February 18, 2013 –
April 29, 2013
Premiere: "Under Pressure"
Finale: "The End of the Road"
Cast: Jenelle Evans
Chelsea Houska
Kailyn Lowry
Leah Messer
Season Chronology
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Season Four (2013) Episode Number Date Aired
Under Pressure - Jenelle and her boyfriend, Gary come together to spend time with her son, Jace. Chelsea thinks she's pregnant. Leah continues to rethink her feelings for Corey. 1 February 18th 2013
Love Hurts - Kailyn and Jo go to court. Leah tells Corey about her feelings. Jenelle discovers Gary had sex with her best friend. Chelsea attends her first day at cosmetology school. 2 February 25th 2013
The Future is Now - Adam requests to see Aubree. Leah can't choose between Jeremy and Corey. Jenelle's probation ends. 3 March 4th 2013
Faded Love - Chelsea tells her mother about her pregnancy scare. Jenelle gets back together with Keiffer. Kailyn revises her custody agreement for the second time. Leah chats with Jeremy about his intentions towards her. 4 March 11th 2013
So Hard to Say Goodbye - Jenelle and Keiffer go back to their old partying ways. Kailyn and Javi take a big step in their relationship. Leah chooses who she wants to be with. 5 March 18th 2013
Fall to Pieces - Chelsea gets the news that Adam's new girlfriend is pregnant. Leah prepares for her upcoming wedding to Jeremy. Kieffer is still a bad influence on Jenelle and she struggles to stay responsible. Kailyn is left rethinking her actions after a violent outburst at Javi 6 March 25th 2013
For Better or For Worse - Kailyn and Javi discuss their future and the possibility of getting married. Adam attempts to make Chelsea jealous. Jenelle gets a surprise from ex, Gary.  7 April 1st 2013
Don't Be Cruel - A domestic violence issue sends both Gary and Jenelle to jail. Leah and Jeremy buy their first house. Kailyn and Javi think about getting married in Las Vegas. 8 April 1st 2013
Sweet Dreams - Chelsea chooses to take a break from school. Jenelle ends up in court after her fight with Gary. Leah tries to contact her biological father. 9 April 8th 2013
For Love and Money - Leah and Jeremy get married. Chelsea goes out with her friends to celebrate her 21st birthday. Jenelle, Barbara and Keiffer get together to celebrate Jace's 3rd birthday. 10 April 15th 2013
Hard Knocks - Leah takes her daughter, Ali to a doctor's appointment. Jenelle's small chances of getting custody of Jace are shown. Kailyn tells her ex, Jo about her future with Javi and the fact she's pregnant. Chelsea celebrates Aubree's 3rd birthday 11 April 22nd 2013
The End of the Road - Chelsea returns to beauty school. Barbara tries to get Jenelle admitted for using drugs. Leah's daughter, Ali endures medical tests. Kailyn and Javi get married. 12 April 29th 2013