Season 6
Seasonal Information
No. of Episodes: 12
No. of Specials: 4
Originally Aired: July 9, 2015 –
September 24, 2015
Premiere: "Keep It Moving"
Finale: "Face Off"
Cast: Jenelle Evans
Chelsea Houska
Kailyn Lowry
Leah Messer
Season Chronology
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Season Six (2015) Episode Number Date Aired
Keep It Moving - Javi is upset about something he finds on Kailyn's phone. Adam wants shared custody of Aubree. Leah faces Corey in court over custody of the twins. 1 July 9th 2015
Shakedown - Chelsea and Adam's ex, Taylor fight his custody request for their daughters. Leah takes a court-ordered drug test. Kailyn and Javi's issues come to a head when she has a night out with her friends. 2 July 16th 2015
No Apologies - Jenelle's chances of gaining custody of Jace are threatened because of her and Nathan's explosive arguments. Chelsea and Adam retain lawyers. Corey wants to spend more time with the twins. Leah and Jeremy's marriage hits trouble. 3 July 23rd 2015
Not Good Enough - Barbara and Jace visit Jenelle for the first time in weeks. Leah and Corey's co-parenting sours. Kailyn and Javi discuss the future of their marriage.  4 July 30th 2015
Can't Trust Them - Chelsea and Taylor's custody battle intensifies against Adam. Kailyn and Javi's marriage troubles follow them to LA. Jenelle files for full custody of Jace and squares off against Barbara.  5 August 6th 2015
Walk Out - Jeremy threatens to divorce Leah. Jenelle rethinks her engagement. Chelsea learns information about Taylor that could impact her court case against Adam.  6 August 13th 2015
Wanna Love You - Nathan is arrested following an argument with Jenelle. Leah is served divorce papers. Kailyn takes a birthday vacation. Chelsea faces Adam in court. 7 August 20th 2015
What Makes You Happy - Leah makes a big decision after being overwhelmed by her looming divorce. Kailyn fears that Jo's move is too close. Jenelle pleads with Nathan to stay together. 8 August 27th 2015