Special Season (2011, 2013-2014) Episode Number Date Aired
16 & Pregnant/Teen Mom Adoption Special - MTV takes a closer look at inside the story of Teen Mom stars Catelynn & Tyler and 16 & Pregnant's Ashley. The emotional hour-long episode takes a look at the realities of adoption through the eyes of the teen birth parents 1 July 11th 2011
Being Dad: A Teen Mom Special - Hosted by Dr. Drew, the dads of Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 discuss the highs and lows and the challenges of being a teen dad. 2 September 18th 2011
Being Maci - Maci spends some time hanging out with friends and enjoys turning 21. When Ryan's girlfriend goes out of town, Maci and Ryan find themselves hanging out together for the first time since they broke up. 3 August 18th 2013
Being Farrah - Since appearing on Teen Mom, Farrah shocked the world after appearing in a sex tape and undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures. Farrah is forced to confront those choices when her mother visits with Sophia. 4 February 23rd 2014
Being Amber - Two years ago, Amber went from being the bad girl of Teen Mom to a prison inmate. After being in prison for a year and a half, Amber is reunited with her daughter Leah, deals with her past and begins to cope with the outside world. 5 February 23rd 2014
Being Catelynn - It's been two years since the last season of Teen Mom ended. Catelynn has continued to struggle with the reality of choosing to have her daughter Carly adopted and she questions whether her and Tyler will ever get married. 6 February 23rd 2014

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